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Plush Contoured Ink is located in Plush Studios, We founded our business with one goal in mind - to make cosmetic treatments effective, safe and affordable for every woman and man. Our Permanent Makeup Studio offers a modern chic, clinical feel and private setting for all your needs. All our treatments and products are medically approved, and our specialists strive to understand and exceed our clients’ expectations.

In our buisness we are not one. We all have love and passion for what we do. That makes us who we are. We look forward to seeing you.

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7 things you should do before you pick your artist.

What is permanent makeup exactly? Also commonly referred to as "cosmetic tattooing," "dermapigmentation" or "micropigmentation," the process involves implanting pigment into the upper layer of skin

  1. It's Important To Find The Right Technician-When finding an artist, it's important to keep three things in mind: Safety, artistry, and technique. "If you don't have the safety in a technician you can be set back in your journey; if you don't have the artistry the results can be disfiguring;

  2. Find your style and check out artist work. Just like you would check  a tattoo artist's work on Instagram  before letting them ink you, the same should go for permanent makeup. "Look for artists who are willing to let you speak.

  3. The Color Will Fade- Bright red lips initially doesn't necessarily mean bright red lips forever. Immediately after the procedure, the color will look darker for around four to seven days as the skin heals. The final color will appear four weeks after the procedure, and will look about 50-60 percent lighter than the initial pigment.

  4.  Anyone Can Do It-There is no such thing as an "ideal candidate" for cosmetic tattooing. Men and women of all ages, ethnicities and genders can benefit from the treatment, and the ink can be used on their faces as well as on their bodies 

  5. It Hurts?-It's a tattoo, so of course it does. But the good news is, because the areas are so sensitive, most technicians will provide a local anesthetic to minimize the pain.

  6. Knowledge- Make sure your artist talks to you about your aftercare procedures. What to clean and treat them with and what to expect through healing process.

  7. Shaping- Make sure your artist understands the face anatomy and takes there time giving you the perfect shape.

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